I'm a beautiful person and if I'm ever in a recorded game you may hear me smoking my pipe. I play a variety of games. My favorite moments in games are when the players come up with crazy plans that spiral beyond their control and evolve into violent shit storms. Recently got the band back together for some one-shot action.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 25: JACK BRADY MUST DIE! (part 1)

In this session my sister joins us via Skype to play a hapless professor.

The investigators must fight off cultists and strange warriors of the night. Who led them to Fortune and Glory Industries? Who do they work for? Where is Jack Brady, because Jack Barton needs to kill him all kinds dead.

Find out why! Also motorcycle ninjas and we used this map!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 24: Intro to Shanghai

After loosing several members of their team to complete deterioration of stability, the investigators rest up in Port Darwin. They set about plans, at long last, to find Jack Brady and storm Shanghai. Rear Admiral Franz Enema tests the strange device of mirrors on the last acolyte of Rev. Hollis Brown, Ben Kimley. The results could never have been predicted but the team is undeterred in their trip to Shanghai via The Scarlet Witch, James Barton’s Ford Tri-motor.

But of what use are hokey religions and ancient weapons against the forces of Ho Fong and Chinese cultists?

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 23: Shadows of Yith

When we last left the investigators they had set up a trap for the denizens who dwell down desert stairs. How fares their frontal assault? What mysteries do they find in the mysterious lost city? What is the deal with Ned?

In this episode all but one of the investigators lose their mind! Find out who remains the most sane!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 22: Buckley’s Ghost and Desert Toast

This session re-introduces the Reverend Hollis Brown. Being unable to unlearn what he has learned the Rev began a fight against the forces of “satan” and meets up with the investigators as they prepare to sally forth and confront a ghost in the desert.

Vicious snakes, Larrikins and Abos lurk in plain sight,  set to spring upon unwary investigators.

MAOCT: Greater Mystery of Lesser Pauwma

The year is 2008, the MFBI have not yet been established. On a quiet November morning the lives for four middle schoolers change forever. During class elections the student body gets ill, a chase ensues and as the monsters and children follow the culprits through the streets of a sleepy Alaskan town.

Special double length* episode featuring GM Zach.

* = Missing 2nd half of first episode, so it is really 1.5 episodes