A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove: Session 3 – The Morgue

The date is 10/30/2010.  The place is Emerald Grove University… right?  The criminal justice major may have gotten in over his head in his daring solo investigation, and something is undeniably moving in the fog. But that’s fine, the Campus Center should be a safe place – there’s no way anything could hurt us when we’re all together.

Things are heating up as the campus begins to chill down, and things are treading soil that has not known their touch in millenia. Can our heroes unravel the secrets locked in the campus morgue before it’s too late?

Here is the extra long-coming part three of four. The dying has begun, and they’ve got a lot more pregens to chew through before the finish! Quality may be a little rough – this received minimal editing because of some events that followed this campaign, but I can guarantee some thrills and chills, and maybe a few gruesome deaths!

Acknowledgments: Thanks go to Matt Samolis for his copyright-free tracks Craig’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd, to Randy Granger for his copyright-free tracks Double-Barrel Train Wreck and Ancestor’s Ocean Voyage, and as always special thanks to C. K. for expert advice in Celtic mythology. Glad you could join us for a session or two, Chris!

A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove is copyright 2010 to Mike Ranalli Jr.

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