Fiasco! – Camp Death

Bodies begin to stack up as the staff of Camp Clearwater  struggle to cope with a series of grisly deaths during the grand re-opening, not all caused by the mysterious murderer who may or may not be bigfoot!

Joe – A Kind hearted but hopeless acoholic Camp counselor plauged by memories of the past

Chester Noorey – Paranoid Survivalist who’s property partially surrounds Camp Clearwater and who protects his retired missile silo with a series of sonic tripwires

Bradley Livingston  – Rebellious Teenager who takes pleasure in damaging his father’s property, reputation and particularly his boat, always the center of attention and cause of general chaos

Brittany Brittany Popstar Brittany (BBPB, trademark pending) Brad’s best friend and co-conspirator who’s sole purpose in life is to bring every last bit of detail of her exciting life to her Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/futurespace followers.

Lyle Livingston – Brad’s overbearing Father and  partial founder of Camp Clearwater, constantly trying to mop things up after his son but fighting a losing battle

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